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Allergy and Dietary Information

We care about all our guests and aim to make eating and drinking with us a relaxed experience. We understand it can be difficult for guests with special dietary requirements to make menu choices. To help you make an informed choice we provide allergy and other dietary information which you can access in several ways

  • Visit the menu page and move your mouse over a  dish title, click on it to see allergy, nutrition and other dietary information by dish as described on the menu
  • Download a PDF of allergy and other dietary information for the whole menu

Allergy Information

We are aware of allergens requiring labelling . Menu descriptions do not list all ingredients. Please see below key of how to interpret the data and inform your server  every time you dine with us even if you have eaten the dish before as products can change and so that every precaution can be taken in our kitchen to prevent cross contamination.

Allergy data detailed in the table has been derived from specifications obtained from the suppliers of the products. Allergy data for condiments (pepper, salt, etc.) which you may add to your food, are listed at the bottom of the table (i.e. not with the dish).  

Please note that due to the nature of cooking our deep fried products cannot be guaranteed to be free from cross contamination with other allergens. If you are unsure which of our products go through the deep fryer please ask a member of our staff.          

  • (No) means that the allergen is not part of the product as it is delivered by the supplier. 
  • (Yes) in a column entitled 'allergen(s) (e.g. gluten) present' indicates that the product contains that allergen & is, therefore, not suitable for you if you suffer from this allergy.  
  • (C) means that this allergen is present in the manufacturing site/factory/supply chain & our suppliers believe there is a significant risk that this allergen could cross-contaminate the food.  

Gluten is a protein component of wheat, rye, barley & oats.  If you are intolerant to gluten then please consult the Wheat, Rye, Barley & Oat columns.

The Treenut/nut  column indicates the presence of the following; almonds, Brazils, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias , pecans, pistachios, walnuts & their respective derivatives.

Please note we have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that this table is accurate. However, we cannot guarantee that the product is '100% free from' that component because of the risk of unexpected cross-contamination. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Other Dietary Information

Yes / No in the column entitled 'suitable for vegans'/'suitable for vegetarians' details information supplied by the product manufacturer. Our kitchens have limited space and as such we cannot always preserve the vegetarian status of a meal.  For example we only have one fryer for breaded products and so breaded vegetable products cannot be considered vegetarian.

Additives are artificial antioxidants, colours, flavourings, preservatives, sweeteners & flavour-enhancers.

The nutrition values provided are  for each complete dish as listed on the menu.  Optional additions are listed separately and must be added to the value for the dish. Where the dishes are for sharing the figure given is for the total dish and you must divide this by the number of people sharing the dish to get the nutrition per person. Figures are typical  and may vary due to seasonal factors and chef practices