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Easter at Beefeater

Nothing says Easter quite like roast dinner with all the family! Add in some chocolate treats, and you’ve got yourself the perfect weekend. Over the years, many Easter traditions have sprung up around the world, but our favourite will always be gathering with loved ones to enjoy a moment together, with great food and drink to boot. 

Usually here at Beefeater we’re busy preparing a Sunday Lunch for Easter with all the trimmings, but this year is a little different. So, we thought we’d share some tips to keep the family entertained this Easter. 

easter egg hunt

1. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Fun for all the family

Take your Easter Egg Hunt to the next level with written clues and challenges to keep the whole family guessing!

2. Water Balloon ‘Egg’ Toss

Be careful you don't get wet

Split into pairs and toss water balloon ‘eggs’ between you. When the ‘egg’ pops, that team is out!

easter egg hunt
easter egg hunt

3. An Egg-stra Special


Create a cut out in your bread and drop in an egg whilst you’re frying to make an egg-stra special dish for breakfast. The perfect way to start an Easter day!


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