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Our Ultimate Guide To Steak!

  • 05 Jun 2014
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As you know, steak is our passion - it’s no accident that our beef tastes so great! We only source our meat from suppliers that we know and trust, so that we can serve the most beautifully succulent, perfectly matured and deliciously tender steaks every time - that’s why we’re a cut above the rest! Once in our Beefeater kitchens, our academy trained chefs treat those steaks with the respect they deserve, by lightly seasoning them before cooking them on a smoking hot chargrill to give them that perfect BBQ flavour.

Whilst they all taste pretty amazing, it can be confusing trying to deciding which cut is best; we know choosing the right steak for you isn’t always easy! So, we’ve put together our ‘ultimate guide to steak’ to give you a helping hand and to tell you why each of our steaks are so good...



6oz Flat Iron


Taken from the shoulder of the animal, this richly marbled steak is bursting with flavour! It’s undoubtedly tasty and great value - the perfect pick for a lunch stop!



10oz Rump


A steak with a beautifully rich, bold flavour. It’s firm in texture and located towards the back of the cow, wedged between the sirloin and topside. The French used to refer to it as the ‘culotte’ - the trousers or pants! We especially like it medium and served with our delicious ‘Mushroom Diane Sauce.’


8oz Sirloin


A true classic! Again, taken from the hindquarters, this cut is lean, tender and packed full of matured meaty flavour. It’s a great all-rounder and the perfect size to enjoy a cheeky extra side - why not add our macaroni cheese?!   



10oz Rib-Eye


This is a truly great steak! Cut from the eye of the fore rib, these steaks tend to have a little more fat than others… but this is no bad thing as it only  adds to the taste! This beautifully marbled meat is moist, succulent and bursting with flavour. Its juicy, soft texture just melts in the mouth and we love it!!


8oz Fillet


Regarded by many as the premium cut, the 8oz fillet is our most tender steak. Located at the smaller end of the tenderloin, it has a low fat content - so this is one lean piece of meat! We love a rare cooked fillet, coupled with our creamy ‘Triple Peppercorn’ sauce… perfection!



20oz T-Bone


Not for the faint hearted! This is our ‘best of both’ steak - it’s part sirloin, part fillet, succulent and tender, lean and mean! T-Bone’s are generally considered one of the highest quality steaks and ours is certainly no exception! This is 20 ounces of mouth-wateringly moist, jaw-droppingly juicy meat! It even comes with our crunchy battered onion rings - go on, fill your boots! 



‘74 signature’ 8oz Tri-Tip


As it’s our 40th birthday, we wanted to introduce something really special! So for a limited time only, we’ve added a brand new 8oz ‘Signature’ Tri-Tip steak! It comes from the bottom of the sirloin and again is low in fat, but that doesn’t compromise its taste - this is a steak renowned for its lean and tender texture. Not only is this a limited edition, but we believe we brought the Tri-Tip to UK shores, so come give it a try here first, before it’s too late! 



All our steaks are served with grilled tomato and mushroom, your choice of ultimate or skinny chips, pea shoots and a side salad, but we’d hate you to miss out on some of our extra tasty treats!


Each of our sauces and sides were created to compliment our succulent steaks, from our buttery ‘Tarragon Bearnaise’ and our  classic ‘Steak Jus’ to our ‘Spicy Buffalo Wings’ and ‘Battered Onion Rings’, we know you won’t leave with an empty stomach!


Maybe try something different too? You never know, you might even find a new favourite - our Side Combo has all your favourites and is definitely not one to miss!


We’re really proud of our steak dishes at Beefeater and we’d love to hear which flavour combinations you’re loving the most, so please leave us a comment below, send us a tweet or join us on Facebook!

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